Mile-a-minute Creeper (Stictocardia tillifolia)

..... This is a morning glory we encountered in Africa. It was given its name because it grows very fast. This one covered a tree at a ranch in northern Kenya, where black and white rhinos had been transplanted for safety. The local friendly white rhino, named Makora, came to visit the kitchen for handouts from time to time. But one day, he went berserk and charged all the dining tables set for dinner outside with bright green tablecloths, hooking them with his horn and tossing them over. No one knew if the color had set him off, like a bull seeing red. He hadn't been in camp since then.

.....The day I painted this flower, I sat on my camp stool near the vine behind the lodge. Absorbed in my work, I was suddenly startled by a warm snort. There was Makora standing in front of me, as big as a truck. I suddenly realized my shirt was bright green and panicked. My heart pounding, afraid to make any sudden moves, I backed slowly behind a wall, half-crouched, until I was out of sight. One of the kitchen staff finally chased him off. I changed my shirt, then finished the painting inside.

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