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     Traveling with my husband, wildlife photographer Kevin Schafer gives me unique opportunities to spend time in the field studying wildlife, something I have enjoyed since childhood.  I was never very happy doing photography because I felt it interfered with observation.  Kevin encouraged my sketching and painting as a way to capture my experiences.  Now I sketch and watch, getting to know my subjects, and then, if I’m lucky, I end up with something I like.

     The prints and note cards are the result of those more successful “moments in the field”  -- records of things seen and enjoyed.  Each one has a little story to it.  The luggage tags were something I started making for us, to identify our bags among the many similar ones.  People noticed them and asked me to make them for friends and family.

     And finally, I should tell you about the books I have written, in case they might be of interest.  One, on photography, is still in print, and can be ordered from me if your local bookstore doesn’t carry it.  This book was the culmination of wisdom gleaned while I was the picture editor of Audubon magazine (1977-1990).  The other book, a definitive biography of Swedish painter Bruno Liljefors, has long been out of print, but still appears on the used book market from time to time.  I must warn you, it is now very expensive!  Liljefors, while no longer alive, has a devoted following among the cognoscenti.  His work has inspired all the great wildlife artists working today.  I do have a limited number of prints of some of his best paintings available, if you are one of his fans.