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Best-selling how-to book on nature photography
     by Martha Hill with photos by Art Wolfe.

.....Originally published by Crown in 1993, this book is still in print today, because of its enormous popularity.  Written in a clear, easy-to-read style without technical jargon, Hill explains what makes a good photograph better, using lots of side-by-side comparisons to make each point.  One photography teacher found it so comprehensive, he now uses it as his course textbook! Price $32.00 includes shipping and handling.  Click here to order directly.

.....Although long out of print, this definitive English-language biography of the great Swedish wildlife painter, Bruno Liljefors, is now considered a classic.  It features over 170 illustrations (more than 70% in color) of his work, many full or double-page, with one large fold out of his best and largest eider paintings.  It proved so popular it was translated into Swedish where it sold another 20,000 copies.  Try www.abebooks.com or alibris.com for availability. 

.....Limited quantities available of two eider prints of Liljefors’ work.  Size:  11 3/8” x 31 5/8” Price $25 each, includes shipping and handling.

Eiders on Rock

Eiders in Flight